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Jonathan Salisbury

A phoenix rising from the fag ashes

30th September 2017

As frankly observed by Brooke Shields; “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life”…

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How thinking is at the heart of making breakthroughs

24th July 2017

Two images have captured the drama of this year’s America’s Cup: the sight of Team New Zealand’s boat catapulting forward, nose-first in the middle of a race; and the Team New Zealand crew hunched over bikes in the boat hulls, looking like they should be in a velodrome rather than on the sea…

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Heads-up rugby

30th March 2016

Early in the recent 6 Nations rugby tournament, the former player and commentator Jeremy Guscott saw signs of promise in the way England were playing. He described it as “playing intuitively”, “playing what’s in front of you”, “heads-up rugby”…

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Introducing a new system of thinking

22nd January 2016

Introducing a new system of thinking for today’s world – ‘Intelligent Instinct’…

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