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Thinkfully for leadership:

Decision-making is a vital aspect of leadership, but as leaders, we’re increasingly aware of how bias can affect our thinking and decisions. How do we lead and make sound decisions in such a data-rich and fast-changing world? We need to go upstream from decision-making to how we think.

We need to fully draw on and apply the four innate Thinking Strategies that we’re built to use.

  • Leaders and leadership teams often experience an unspoken tug of war on whether to lead with gut feel or intuition or whether to lead with evidence and analysis. The brain is built to use both intuitive and analytical approaches of thinking. It’s not an either/or - it’s time to drop the rope.
  • The rise of AI raises unanswered questions for leaders on what new capabilities are needed in the future, how to value what’s uniquely human and how to bring out the best in people. Leaders need new ways to answer these new questions.
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We provide leaders with the stimulus and space to respond to new challenges:

  1. Drawing out the brilliance of each Thinking Strategy and countering the specific thinking biases, as individuals and as leadership teams.
  2. Leveraging your full thinking capability, rooted in the relevant mindsets, actions and team/organisational practices.
  3. Self-generating new solutions to complex and interconnected problems and seizing fresh opportunities with new ideas.
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Expanding leaders capability to leverage all four Thinking Strategies for themselves and their organisations.

  • Insight into what the existing patterns of thinking are and where the opportunities for new patterns of thinking lie.
  • Specific actions to dial up the brilliance and overcome the biases at both individual and collective levels.
  • New ways of working; equipping leaders for when the world ahead isn’t predicted by the past.
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