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Thinkfully for change:

We all know that change can be hard, but that’s only half the story. In truth, our minds are designed for both efficiency and adapting.

  • Our minds are full of well-trodden neural pathways that get deeper and deeper over time as we repeat and reinforce what’s familiar and routine. Yet, while this makes us efficient, it also makes us resistant to change as it takes effort to create new pathways and break away from the usual. In today’s world, much of what we are exposed to is actually re-enforcing this trend since online technology uses algorithms that churn out more of what we already ‘like’ or follow.
  • But our brains are also hardwired to seek out novelty and we can brilliantly adapt by making new connections and neural pathways. In fact, we have more neurons in a single cubic centimetre of brain tissue than all the stars in the galaxy, so our capacity to adapt is almost infinite. We help you step beyond the normal pathways to see where to change and adapt.
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We inspire people to thrive, make new connections and build new neural pathways by:

  1. Revealing how our brains change and adapt.
  2. Applying the four Thinking Strategies to make sense of change.
  3. Self-generating solutions that work for individuals, teams and organisations.
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Equipping people with sustainable outcomes.

  • A strengthened core capability to adapt and be resilient in times of change through an understanding of your four Thinking Strategies and how to use them.
  • Change and transformation which is wired-in effectively for people and organisations because it is based on self-generated solutions, enabling buy-in and ownership from the outset.
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A real eye opener. It opened up the untapped possibilities and the potential we already had as a team and as a business. It helped us to tap into the day-to-day activities that will really help us unlock next level of growth. The workshops were a great opportunity for the team to reflect and re-think about what we were trying to achieve.

- Dan Shepherd, founder, Infomentum


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