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Thinkfully for teams and organisational culture:

Silo’s hold organisations back: they slow down and block new initiatives; they emphasise different priorities rather than shared outlooks; they undermine the potential benefits of diverse skill sets and experiences.

  • Silo’s develop around people who are like-minded. We gravitate towards familiarity and shared experiences. Difference can often feel difficult to deal with even if we know in principle it’s a good thing.
  • Overcoming silo’s means finding ways to work well together without needing to be like-minded.
  • Mindsets, actions and practices that fundamentally shape organisation culture are often implicit and overlooked.
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We provide a foundation for different people to think together by:

  1. Revealing the universal Thinking Strategies that unite us in how we all can think.
  2. Equipping everyone with a shared language for how we think and ways to think together.
  3. Facilitating people to use the benefits of diverse thinking and different perspectives to guard against group and silo’d thinking.
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Developing the core capability to think together with people who aren’t like-minded.

  • A new basis for thinking and working together that emphasises the benefits of diverse thinking.
  • Shared awareness and language around how we all think; providing a shared focus on harnessing our thinking capabilities together.
  • Different organisational ways of working to recognise the value and role of different Thinking Strategies.
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Helped us understand our thinking styles in a simple way, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of each and making us more conscious of the choices we can make when approaching a situation… It brought the team closer together by giving us a shared language and toolkit, and it gave us easily adaptable messages and tools which we could immediately use and cascade throughout our networks.

- Sam Robertson, senior head of strategic change, The Prince's Trust


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