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Thinkfully for innovation:

84% of workers believe that some people are born more creative than others*. But it’s a myth that only some people are creative. We all have the capability.

Our minds are able to both recognise patterns we have seen before (“pattern recognition”) and create new patterns (“pattern creation”). We all have the capability.The challenge is to value the capability for pattern recognition and pattern creation equally so we can use both effectively and when needed.

  • Pattern recognition relies on us spotting when we’ve seen things before or extracting the existing patterns.  However, if we’re too locked into existing patterns and our frame of reference becomes too rigid or narrow we can get stuck in a rut and fail to see new possibilities and opportunities.
  • Breakthroughs come about through pattern creation; this is when we make new connections between existing ideas. It’s not a magical thing that only some people can do, we all have the innate capability to create new patterns.

* Thinkfully 2018 benchmark study with 1000 nationally representative UK workers.

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We enable people to release and harness their creativity by:

  1. Revealing what pattern creation is all about, what enables this and what holds it back.
  2. Equipping people with techniques and strategies to expand their thinking and unlock their capacity for pattern creation in everyday life.
  3. Employing ways of working that harness fresh idea generation and innovations for new products, services, businesses and opportunities.
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Raising the game on creativity.

  • Enhanced collective creativity across individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Embedded habits and practices that de-mystify what creativity looks likes and promotes new mindsets and behaviours.
  • Tangible ways to problem solve and generate fresh ideas for your specific area of innovation and new proposition development.
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