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How Thinking Strategies unlock adaptive advantage

28th October 2019

Adaptability is the defining individual, team and organisational capability of our century. As we face some of the great societal and technological challenges of our times, we need to ask ourselves “How can people and organisations adapt brilliantly and stay ahead in change?” Explore the results of our ground-breaking research study that reveals a clear…

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The Thinkfully Journal

1st March 2019

Following extensive research with leaders across several industries and drawing from over 70 sources across multiple fields of cognitive science, we published the Thinkfully journal. For the first time, it reveals how we’re all built to use four innate and uniquely human Thinking Strategies: Expert Thinking, Depth Thinking, Link Thinking and Click Thinking. But while we each…

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Are the UK’s largest organisations shrinking their thinking?

5th December 2018

Watch out if you and your team are working in a large organisation. Why? It’s clear that people working in larger organisations are restricting their thinking. In comparison to those working in smaller organisations, people are more inward looking and less likely to seek out external influences and inspirations or look at ideas in fresh…

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A nation of linear or lateral thinkers?

5th December 2018

As a nation, the UK favours ‘Linear’ Thinking Strategies over ‘Lateral’ Thinking Strategies. In fact, latest research* reveals that amongst workers and students Linear Thinking is the dominant thinking approach, with five times more people using Linear Thinking Strategies than those using Lateral Thinking Strategies.   WHAT ARE THE FOUR DIFFERENT THINKING STRATEGIES?   Depth Thinking:…

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Can you think yourself agile?

5th December 2018

Latest research* suggests that yes you can. People who think more fully and use more of their Thinking Strategies (there are four in case you’re wondering) are better able to adapt. The actual process of how you think turns out to be the missing ingredient behind whether you, your teams and your organisation are able to…

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Every success story is a tale of constant adaption

8th May 2018

Constant adaption doesn’t have a beginning, middle and end. In most cases, a temporary end is merely a segue-way to the sequel. It’s ultimately what life demands of us. Let’s start with the good news…

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“I adapt therefore I can”

16th March 2018

We’re increasingly seeing a macro trend shaking up the workplace and challenging the rules of engagement. It’s resulting in the need for people and organisations to continuously adapt. Why? Because there are more and more occasions where it’s not clear how to adapt…

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Supercharging brains (and time!)

21st February 2018

We’ve all heard of Einstein’s famous quote: “If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and five minutes finding the solution.”

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How to maximise your Return on Failure (ROF)

15th December 2017

Last month, 100%Cotton joined the Third Sector Project Management Forum (TSPMF) at the British Red Cross offices in London to facilitate a session around how to think brilliantly and use different thinking strategies…

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Be more curious and courageous

24th November 2017

Last week, I attended the TEDxBristol event ‘Dare to Disrupt’. As the speakers challenged us to be more disruptive in order to see new possibilities, I was reminded of two particular principles of how we should all approach the world – be more curious and be more courageous…

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