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Click Thinking Level Score Details

LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 (0-20%)


You are yet to use Click Thinking in any significant way. The good news is you have a huge potential that can be untapped.


When grappling with an important or complex issue, pause to mull things over. When looking at familiar but previously unsolved problems, push beyond the first idea that comes to mind and go beyond the ‘usual’ to consider unexpected and different ideas.

If you are ‘task-focused’ for much of how you spend your time, it can be a significant barrier for ‘ah-ha!’ moments happening.  Make space for ‘task-free’ time away from what you are working on so that ideas can percolate.

Accept that ideas can come at any time; week or weekend, day or night – and that they can’t be forced or brought about ‘on demand’. Make sure you take notice of ideas and capture them as they happen.


LEVEL 3 & LEVEL 4 (21-40%)


You use Click Thinking infrequently and not yet in any routine way. The good news is that there is a lot of opportunity to develop further.


Push beyond initial ideas that seem ‘good enough’ and keep going until you get to more diverse and different options.

Check that you are making space for ‘task-free’ time in between tasks as this is essential for ‘ah-ha!’ moments to come about. Remember breaks are most effective when following periods of intense ‘task-focused’ activity.

When grappling with an important or complex issue, take the opportunity to pause and give yourself greater permission to mull things over or sleep on things.

Be sure to take notice of your ‘ah-ha!’ moments. They don’t happen ‘on demand’, so when they do happen, be sure not to overlook them.


LEVEL 5 & LEVEL 6 (41-60%)


You have sufficient capability to draw on and use Click Thinking and have some experience of applying this to your work. The foundations are there to be built on further.


Plan your time. Be mindful of when you ‘task-focused’ and when you are ‘task-free’ – and keep a balance between these.

When faced with a particularly complex issue, give yourself greater permission to sleep on things and mull over ideas before finalising. It is in the down time that your brain will continue to do the hard work for you, even if not consciously.

Increase your awareness of those activities which help put you in a more relaxed frame of mind. It is these that will help for more ‘ah ha! moments’ to come about.

Encourage yourself to take a beginner’s mindset. Step away and come back to complex issues with ‘fresh eyes’ to help see more novel ideas emerge.


LEVEL 7 & LEVEL 7 (61-80%)


You are already using Click Thinking to good effect and are ready to hone your capabilities further.


Be deliberate and conscious about the distinction between being ‘task-focused’, when you are applying conscious effort in thinking and when you are ‘task free’, when you are in a relaxed state of mind and able to let your mind wander.   Finding occasions to be ‘task free’ is particularly important when you are facing complex and challenging situations when your mind needs time to mull things over.

When looking for new solutions, continue to play around with different combinations of ideas and actively push for the unexpected.

Deliberately approach difficult issues with ‘fresh eyes’, to break out of any routine habits and to help new possibilities or novel ideas come about.

Be sure to always take notice of your ‘ah-ha!’ moments and accept that these can come at any time.


LEVEL 9 (81-90%)


You have superior levels of Click Thinking and are able to draw from the brilliance of this thinking strategy readily.


Remember that Click Thinking is a capability that can be continuously improved even when you are already performing well, through continually creating and managing the right circumstances for Click Thinking to come about.

Plan for periods of intense task focused time, balanced with pockets of ‘task free’ time where your mind can relax and wander, as this is when Click Thinking is more likely to happen. Become more aware of when you tend to experience your ‘ah-ha!’ moments so you can prime for them in the future.


LEVEL 10 (91-100%)


You are maximising Click Thinking and operating at the highest level. Well done!


Encourage others to follow your lead.  Plan for periods of intense task focused time, balanced with pockets of ‘task free’ time where your mind can relax and wander, as this is when Click Thinking is more likely to happen. Role model how you work.  Share with others when you have ‘ah-ha!’ moments and inspire and encourage them to recognise and share their own ‘ah-ha!’ moments.