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Can you think yourself agile?

Latest research* suggests that yes you can. People who think more fully and use more of their Thinking Strategies (there are four in case you’re wondering) are better able to adapt.

The actual process of how you think turns out to be the missing ingredient behind whether you, your teams and your organisation are able to adapt when you need to.


People and teams who make greater use of their Thinking Strategies are significantly better at:

  • Responding well to new situations
  • Making sense of complexity
  • Having confidence in situations where there is ‘no blueprint’
  • Coming up with fresh and innovative ideas
  • Finding ways forward even in totally new situations
  • Anticipating the need to change and adapt
  • Using analytical and intuitive approaches together
  • Finding novel solutions to new problems
  • Making sense of change
  • Getting out of a rut, when there doesn’t seem to be a clear way forward
  • Having confidence in their abilities to address new challenges
  • Building compelling and engaging arguments
  • Continuously adapting to changing circumstances
  • Applying the full potential of their thinking into what they do

If you were to stop and think about all the things that influence whether you’re able to adapt when needed, you may consider things like your personality type, what you’ve learnt in previous situations, what you’ve seen role modelled by others, your social support networks, your economic situation etc. However, what you may not have realised is that how you think and the Thinking Strategies you use are also one of the key influences.

Using only one or two Thinking Strategies is not enough to help you adapt. It’s the use of all four that fully equips you. It’s another reason we should bring all four of our Thinking Strategies into view.

To find out what the four Thinking Strategies are, how you currently use them and therefore how well you are geared up to adapt, take the Thinkfully Assessment.

* 2018 UK Thinking Benchmark Study, Thinkfully Limited


Do you use your full thinking? Find out by taking our quick, easy and free assessment now

At Thinkfully our aim is to put thinking fully on everyone’s agenda – it’s not just for the creatives, the academics or the cognitive scientists. We want everyone to discover the full power of their thinking, to overcome narrow and rigid thinking, and to use it to make the world a more think fully place. Where will your thinking take you?